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Unlimited yoga classes for a week!

Connect to yourself in an enchanted environment!

Leave the weekdays behind and let a fabulous atmosphere help you create balance between body and mind. Choose from a wide selection of yoga classes, practice yoga in english: vinyasa flow, hatha, chakra flow, yin, candlelight flow, dynamic hatha, private classes. Explore yoga as a beginner, or delve deeper as an advanced practitioner with us!

As the popularity of yoga expands, so does its approaches.

What are we looking for? Peace, harmony, stillness, letting go, health, stress management, forgiveness, self-realization, bendiness, power, self-acceptance, consciousness, confidence are all available with the help of yoga. Are these the purpose of yoga? Well, the answer is yes and no. A yogi, who is bendy like a contortionist might still be angry. A happy looking yogi is maybe crying inside. Yoga provides tools to get rid of all the surplus mind stuff that cause suffer. It helps to recognise and let go old habits and patterns, everything that doesn't serve you anymore.

What'll be at the end of the road? Moksha: liberation. Liberation from the cycle of rebirths, the way of getting rid of the embodiment of the orginal Self, the soul, the Atman. Can a few yoga class lead to liberation? No. It provides you possibility to take a leap. As we're all different, our paths differ too. Everyone has a unique journey consisting of differently sequenced unique loops, curves and stations. Which one is the best? Your own one.

In Moksha Yoga Studio we support you to fill your journey with your experiences. Transform the mat to your private laboratory and create your own "potion"! Whether it's rejuvenation, a lovely pause during weekdays, strenghtening or stretching the physical body, me-time, self-exploration or enhancing the spiritual toolkit.

Create your own magic!