House rules


  • Studio opens 15-20 minutes before class begins. You can use this time for registration and allowing yourself to tune in to the practise. Please arrive in time. We close the door right before the class starts, as late comers may disturb the practice. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding this.


  • You can hang jackets and coats at the entrance and in the changing rooms as well. Please leave the shoes at the entrance and feel free to take a slipper.
  • There is a cupboard where you can lock your values.
  • The practise room is barefoot zone, leave the slippers at the door. Yoga practice happens barefoot which allows the sole of the foot to be less slippy, toes may move freely and makes grounding easier.
  • Feel free to take some tea after practice and just leave the empty mug on the shelf.
  • Please leave the toilet clean. Use the dustbin for sanitary pads, do not flush objects that would block the pipes.


  • All the necessary equipments are provided. Grab as much blocks, straps, blankets you need before class. No worries if you are not familiar with them yet, the teacher will let you know during practice when and how to use them.
  • Please clean the mat after practise using the provided cleaning supplies. Leave it on the floor or roll it up and put in the cupboard at the entrance of practise room where you can also store your own mat.
  • Towel is not compulsory, however you can use your own one or rent at the reception for 200 HUF.

Yoga practice

  • Arrive with empty stomach as much as possible, however have something nourishing after class.
  • Leave cell phones muted outside the practice room.
  • There is no dress code in yoga. Wear comfortable clothes in any colour that allows the body to move and does not require adjustments that would disturb the inward gaze.
  • Feel free to leave the room during class if you need to use the toilet.
  • If you have any injuries please let the teacher know it before class, so she can modify the asanas and keep the body safe.

We wish you a joyful practice!