Private class

Traditionally, yoga was taught one-to-one. A person seeking knowledge asked the guru who decided whether he wanted to teach him.
Just like everything else, the way of teaching yoga has also changed, westernalized.
The package has changed, however ancient teachings and what moves the world and people is remained to be the same.
We're not gurus, but teachers, however we're happy to use our knowledge and experience to help.
A private class may provide the followings:

  • You can enjoy the teachers full aYou're the one who choose the theme:
  • you've probably felt on a perfectly designed group class that you would have needed something else. For example twists instead of inversions.
  • On a private class you can ask to practise a specific asana group
  • you have space to master or get closer to a complex asana. Which one do you find impossible to get the body into?
  • the theme can be anything: bandhas, pranayama, chakras and many more
  • you can choose where to place the emphasis. Relaxation? Meditation? Breathing techniques?
  • A personalized guided meditation may dissolve actual negative packages
  • The class can be in the studio or in your home, so you're not bothered with driving or public transport.

Book a class and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
Phone: +36703695089

1 student2 students3 students
60 minutes7.500 HUF12.000 HUF15.000 HUF
75 minutes8.000 HUF13.000 HUF16.500 HUF
90 minutes9.500 HUF15.000 HUF18.000 HUF
4 classes
60 minutes28.000 HUF44.000 HUF55.200 HUF
75 minutes30.000 HUF48.000 HUF60.000 HUF
90 minutes35.000 HUF52.000 HUF66.000 HUF
6 classes
60 minutes39.000 HUF61.000 HUF78.000 HUF
75 minutes42.000 HUF66.000 HUF88.000 HUF
90 minutes45.000 HUF69.500 HUF94.000 HUF